Grant access to locked websites based on NFT ownership

Define special benefits for your NFT owners

Sell your brand's NFT on your own webshop

Reward your loyal customers with your branded NFT tokens

Activate dormant customers with NFTs perks & gamification

Sell your brand's NFTs on the Sayl NFT marketplace

Connect with your customers in the metaverse

Create new revenue streams via Web 3

Bridge the metaverse and the real world

No tech skills needed

Sayl Conn3ct is built for digital owners to manage their brand NFTs without the need to start coding or develop.

5-min activation

Our out-of-the-box platform cuts your time-to-market. Have your NFT set & your customers active in just 5 minutes.

Send your NFTs via email

No crypto knowledge needed at your audience: they can receive NFTs via email and collect them via the Sayl wallet.

Integrates with your existing tech stack

The Sayl platform integrates natively with many platforms out there, so it becomes a gateway for your existing tech stack to go into web3 and blockchain.

Optimise NFT benefits

Link any type of advantage or exclusive content to the ownership of your brand's NFT. Optimise limits and conditions, all in one place.

Collect NFT via the Sayl wallet

Our embeddable wallet enables seamless user onboarding and provides wallet functionality to your customers so they can store their NFTs.

Set your brand NFT today. Conn3ct with your customers here and in the metaverse

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