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Turn your customer into a fan with Sayl customer

Orchestrate the outcomes you want

Design multi-step interactions that drive to results with a user-friendly visual builder.

Tell your own story

Create a customer experience tailored made to your shop. With unlimited customisation get as wild as you want. It is just like legos, stack the blocks and create your own story.

Keep the conversation going

Stay in touch with your customer on every point of their journey. Either by e-mail, sms or any other supported integrations, personalize engagement.

Get started quickly with our pre-made journeys

Grow and retain throughout the entire customer journey with our prepared templates.

Enroll at checkout

Customers sign up at checkout in just a few seconds by entering their phone number or email address.

Engage automatically

Customers get an automated message when they earn points or rewards, keeping them up to date and your business top of mind.

Reward from your POS or Online Store

Reward customers directly through the point of sale or via online store checkout. Just enter the customer’s phone number to apply rewards.

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