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Happy retailer thanks to Sayl Retial

Complement your own offering

Add e-commerce webshops as a capability to your existing digital portfolio.

Be a hero for your customers/retailers

Your business customers look for digital solutions that help them thrive. Become a hero by offering them the solution they need.

Generate extra revenue

Our partnership model comes with different collaboration models, depending on your business goals.

Track products performance within your distribution in real-time

Improve the understanding of the end-consumer in real-time, test specific launches and improve your performance thanks to it

We take care of the webshop

We built our in-house developed product with lots of love, and can guide your customers during setup and live phase.

It's different - videocall commerce

What you won't find elsewhere: video commerce right out of the box

No digital expertise required for your clients

Seamless self-service e-commerce: your clients start to sell in less than 30 minutes

Convert doubters into buyers

Visitors on the webshop but most have doubts? Make your distributors virtually sit next to them and tell them in person why your products are so perfect for them

Become an advisor, not just a seller

Help online visitors by guiding them to better products which can be ordered immediately from within the call.

Send suggestions straight to the basket

While using our App, the retailer can send any of your products straight into the basket of the client, or highlight it as a suggestion.

ready-to-use online store.

Be the force behind the online sales of your business retailers

We are happy to explain you all the possibilities of Sayl Retail.

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