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crm for restaurants


Get to know which guests are “most likely” to engage with your brand, create custom programs based on their preferences and observe data in real-time.


Track every customer interaction, from page visit to checkout. Spot behavioral trends and turn them into business opportunity.


Use individual behaviors to send specific offers and personalised messages that are relevant to your customers.


Create personalization at scale, increasing campaign returns up by X20 by quickly and easily tailoring offers around your enriched profiles.

Customer activation system for restaurants

Profile for every guest

Become the owner of your customer data. Their contact info, order history, preferences, loyalty points ... All in one place.

Customer segmentation

Know your rich guest profiles through powerful guest segmentation. Optimise your marketing to build a long-term relationship with them.

Consumer behaviour insights

Analyze customer behavior effectively to understand them better than anyone else. Monitor growth and drive ROI in real-time.

Loyalty program

Instead of having your physical loyalty card to the restaurant you can simply use your digital wallet pass to collect your reward.

Interaction builder

Hit them when they are hot! Identify your profitable segment and target them with the right message at the right time.

AI sales recommendations

Surprise your customers by offering them what they love! A data-driven approach to digital upselling.

5 -min activation

Easy! No-code or development needed. Just connect and go!

Fully integrated system

Our loyalty solution plays along with Sayl Resto, your POS system, Mailchimp and many others to provide an efficient and effective experience.

User-friendly visual builder.

Design multi-step interactions to follow your customer on every point of their journey with a user-friendly visual builder.

CRM for restaurants


Multilingual & accessible from anywhere for your multi-site business.


with a streamlined workflow that reduces human error.


Customers data is stored securely in the backend. Zero privacy issues.

Start building customer retention today.

No complex configuration, no technical skills needed, start in less than 30 minutes.

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