restaurant digital ordering system
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Online and in-resto

Take online food orders for pickup, delivery and in-person dining.

Own the customer relation

Keep track of your customers and their orders, their preferences in all these sales channels.

Tell your own brand’s story

Make your online page your own by customising the branding, the colors, ...

Support multiple locations

Native support for multi-location management with centralised catalog and product management, user management and much more.

Integrations to POS and kitchen

Avoid double work with our many integrations toward different cash registers

Operational Excellence

Create efficiencies in your restaurant operation by using our Sayl Store Manager app that helps you manage product availability and communication to customers.

restaurant digital ordering system


Build more retention using the loyalty functionality from Sayl Customer, deeply integrated in the Sayl Resto checkout. For both online and in-resto.

Activate your customers

Interaction with your customers that goes way beyond sending a simple mail or text message. Enjoy the capabilities of our interaction builder to create new customer journeys that impress your clients.

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